Sometimes you gotta write before you write.. and then it comes in like a FLOOD.

I like bracelets.. a lot!  I think it makes work more interesting when there’s a bunch of stuff adorning my arms and wrists.. gives me something to look at ya know..  that’s another reason why I like to paint my nails.  Makes typing notes on accounts at work more interesting as well.   I have been at my job for exactly 4 months.  And I still like it.

Oh Patience.. Ohhhhh Patience.  What a trip.  So you know my book… .Forgiveness is Freedom.. it made some people angry.  I think they felt like because I wrote a book about forgiveness that it meant I had something figured out and then if my behavior didn’t line up perfectly with that image- it upset them.  Two instances come to mind where my book title was thrown back in my face.  One of those people is completely not a part of my life anymore and I don’t care to ever speak to her again, the other has passed away….  I think forgiveness is a fascinating concept anyway and I enjoy pondering over it because it’s so in depth.

Maybe ultimately it has to get with getting back to your true self, the one that isn’t hurt or wounded.. or harboring anger and resentment and just living in the moment.  Which I am happy to admit at any time, I am on that journey myself- I was reading this morning and came across something that said to beware of someone who is slow to anger… because eventually it turns into fury- That got me thinking and I think it’s true.  Another thing about being present and healthy is having the ability to experience relevant emotions as they are occurring and being able to recognize where they are coming from and take appropriate action.  I remember when I was full of anger and resentment and emotions I had stuffed down inside of myself for a long time that I couldn’t identify where any of it was really coming from and so I would respond inappropriately to situations that had nothing to do with the emotion I held inside of me.  Now I am much quicker to respond and have far less judgement on my own emotions and my relationships are really quite fulfilling and dynamic!

I consider myself well connected to my emotions now, and am of course open to even more improvement… and the more this increases, the more my true desires and commitments are strengthened.  It’s like it creates real changes and this is one of my favorite things.  I don’t know about you, but something that I find very frustrating is trying to change something with my head.. it doesn’t seem to work.  However, when something changes in my heart, that’s when my behavior changes and I like it when I don’t have to think too hard to exist! Back to this forgiveness thing that I opened up with.. I was going somewhere with that.

With out being too focused on the past, I often think about my experience in Breckenridge, CO from 2005-2007.  There was something about that time that was incredibly liberating and then on the opposite end of the spectrum.. completely awful (if you’ve read my book you know what I’m referring to).. but it’s the liberating part that I think back on sometimes.  Some of the things that I enjoyed so much about living in Breck was the physical activity, the fresh and clean environment, the community, my progression in the sport of snowboarding, running into people I knew everywhere I went, and once I began sewing… the receptivity of my fashion line and how quickly and easily that began to grow.

I rather consistently consider what is true about my perception of this time because I chose to leave Breckenridge and I also put a relationship before my own wellbeing which impacted the course of my business and my life and I can say it has done so in many positive ways! :)  Well.. when I lived in Breck I was not a whole person, and now I am.. and that changes so much and at the same time it changes nothing.. because here’s the thing- here’s the thing that tugs at me… I was so blind, yet I was still going through the motions with so much persistence and things were happening because of it and the demand for my art was higher than I could keep up with.  So now the question I ask sometimes is what is God going to do with me now, with my new awareness, my increased talent, my practice of patience, the inner strength I have been cultivating.. all of that?  I am so much more of a person than I was 7-8 years ago.. as I have developed intentionally different areas of myself to be able to sustain greater success.

So what’s he going to do with me now?  I posted that pic on this article because I just pulled out my materials and they have been packed for 6 months. I am making friends at work and people are beginning to express interest in my hoodies and I’ve sold a hand-full of books to people at work too.  I’m also experiencing a wonderful level of acceptance and appreciation about my own life.  I have my own thing going on and I am finding it an absolute joy to pursue my independence in a powerful way and love myself first.

Loving me, loving you.

Have a great day boo.



A million reasons to be happy

A million reasons to be happy


A flash in the pan?
Not this time man. :)

Ahead of the curve I am staying
Everyday, constantly I am praying.

With my heart and eyes wide open
I rejoice and celebrate

Let it rain down on me
I feel so grateful for the ways things be

Lightening, sunrays and rainbows in the sky
I cherish each moment as it passes by

Such an expanse of things I don’t understand
Regardless, I feel completely equipped for the plan.

Each day a joyful and jubilant gift
Incredible memories await in the mist






I have smurf nails right now

Baby blue with white tips. I’m typing and the white isn’t dry yet.. let’s see if I can be skilled enough to keep them in good condition and write too… I need to write. I know that much.
Ahh… where to begin.

So how about here. I think when people pass away they get closer to us. I have experienced more transformation from loved ones passing away than I did from there while they were here in the physical. Do you know what I’m talking about?

The three closest people to me I have lost now permanently rest in my heart and it’s like I can feel them and they influence me more now than they used to.

Thank God I have good people in my life and thank God for transforming events through life. I found

I have tons of photos on my computer and I was making a weak attempt to organize some of them this morning and I came across a quote I had put on a photo. . As these varying events take place in my life.. especially the loss of loved one- it just makes me so appreciative for what I do have at this moment… including my vision for the future.

Recently my visions of the future have a lot of light shining on them. I am seeing things I’ve never really dreamed about before.. some of the pieces seem to be filling on regarding the fire that brings so much drive to my life.

Hmm that’s vague isn’t it. What fire? It’s my heart alright- my heart is awake. :) <3

Making each day more beautiful

There’s many things about daily living that unglamorous? Or are there?

When it comes right down to it.. each day is a collection of activities that occur over and over again. Do the most beautiful people view the repetitiveness as mundane or do they find glamor in the reality of it?

As I sit eating the same breakfast I’ve eaten for the last 9 months, on the back porch, drinking coffee and reading… the gentle breeze caresses my bare legs and feels just heavenly… I reflect and think to myself. I think about the way this nutrition program has and continues to shape my physical form. I think about the quality of the ingredients that I get to put in my body each day. The extensive variety of flavors that exists in this incredibly healthful and nourishing meal. Although it is something I eat over and over again… would I have it any other way? And is there some other way to have it? I think not in this moment.

Man has to eat breakfast everyday and would I rather know precisely what I’m in for and the effect it’s going to have on my body or would I rather.. you know… fly by the seat of my pants and suffer the consequence of an unbalanced blood sugar for the remainder of the day because I choose to find excitement in “living in the moment”? Perhaps I am willing to install this desire for spontaneity in an appropriate area of my life that will result in positive benefits as opposed to my daily routine and lifestyle.

I think this is about excellence and mastery. You know about Maslow’s hierarchy correct? You must handle each area of living before you can evolve to the one above it. At the peak of the hierarchy is self-actualization and if the life one is living is based around “satisfying” (this is an irony in itself) the physical body… this is not the path to the top. When IN FACT.. it is.. But I think we might have different views of what “satisfying” really means. To me, the way I’ve been eating for the past 9 months is INCREDIBLY satisfying to my BODY. And, not as much to my brain, and I go on further to explain that is IN FACT, actually VERY satisfying to my brain and my brain has had to reframe some things.

Fats and Sugars are highly intoxicating to the brain and they hit the pleasure centers in the brain while the body knows fully that what’s going on is truly not in it’s best interest but the brain is getting permission to indulge in the intoxication. Can anyone say BRAIN FOG? Well, what’s I’ve been given the opportunity to do is “enjoy” that intoxication every once in a while and then enjoy something new. Clean eating doesn’t bring about brain fog or a spike in the blood sugar and it’s incredibly how balanced I stay all day long as I just eat and eat and eat! lol.

There are many pleasures available in this reality and allowing the brain to control this aspect is giving over a lot of freedoms if you ask me. Because I have one cheat day a week I can tell a difference between brain fog and clarity and here’s something that’s really neat about it. I’m finally getting a handle on just having a little bit of brain fog and not going too far with it. When it’s just part of our lives on a regular basis, I think we get used to it- but take it away and then the brain craves it a little bit. I’m learning to just give it a little bit and not go overboard. It’s sweet. Really really sweet.

So I got carried away on a tangent about my breakfast and clean eating and transformation and climbing to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy and if we are controlled by our flesh- well it’s not going to happen. And what I really had the intention of writing about was finding appreciation for our daily habits that improve our lives and making them glamorous even though they can be repetitive.

I am going to add more sexiness and glamour to everything I do. Brushing my teeth, unlocking the screen on my iphone, the way I drink my gallon of water each day, the thanks that I give to God each day, the way I interact with the beautiful people in my life, all of it. I just keep telling myself there is no destination and I truly do believe that. This life is full of pain and I believe we have to find beauty in as many places as we can. The more I am humbled… the more pleasure I find in the simplest of things.

I’m like one of those annoying people who celebrates turning on the shower and being excited just because water comes out of it!

A season for smiling and gratitude

Let’s say you were on a mission to unveil the deepest desires of your heart…where would you start?

I would begin with some reflection to get to know my own heart.. Still reflection and also reflection in action.  And also by making time to learn the word of God as I reach inside of myself is also mandatory. Why? Why is it mandatory you ask? 

It is mandatory to read the word of God because one of the biggest weapons the enemy has is ignorance… He does not want us to know how powerful we are.  Reading takes away ignorance and creates understanding!

In the past, before I began developing spiritual awareness and a relationship with God and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my savior.. I didn’t have much faith in what was inside my heart…. I have found so many reasons to enjoy knowing the Lord in my life and the regular miracles he performs and the light he brings to my dreams is a wonderful benefit he has given me in exchange for me giving him a chance.  Pretty unfair trade if you ask me… He gives me so much….

So let’s say through this process I am able to identify some of the desires within my soul.. I can envision future happy times with my own family, I can picture great career success, I see myself walking down the ocean shore with my love… I see great things ahead for myself.. And I believe that it’s all there for a reason and that things will appear during the correct time and season.

Seasons come and seasons go and all the while I can choose to be happy for no reason and I think… I think… From one season to another, one thing that’s important to do is to better our earthly circumstances along the way by practicing healthy and honest habits.  

How can someone expect the Lord to bless them when they are not even in action towards their goals?  Wake up each day and show up.  Find somewhere to show up and give 100% effort.  Even if it is not the truest desire of your heart at this moment, you have to make the most of the opportunities you are given to expect to be able to succeed with more responsibility.  Plus, being in a humbling position is a wonderful time to fine tune your habits that will allow you to sustain your success when you do get increased dominion.  

You feel me?

Along the way,
Stay patient and pray.
Stick up for your beliefs.
Faith shall pave your way.
Stay honest and true
Good things are ahead for you.



As I prepare for an upcoming flight, I begin to pack and wonder how much I will need to take with me.  One of the things I find cumbersome about a trip is having to pack more than one bag.  One for my clothes, one for my personal items, and one for carry-on items I may take. The airlines have done their part to help me limit what I can take by charging me for anything beyond my two carry-ons.  Once I get to the airport, I have to stand in line and check in my bags, as I fumble for my license, my ticket, and my wallet as I pull my luggage behind me.  All in all, this extra effort of packing and organization does cause extra stress on a person when they plan for a trip.  My love of travel is sometimes exhausted by the extra steps I have to do – and I am grateful I don’t travel on a daily basis.

I then begin to think about the same stress one may experience by carrying emotional baggage.  It is bad enough we have to struggle with extra bags on a flight, let alone struggle with some form of baggage on a daily basis.  Are you carrying around a bunch of excess mental baggage which you don’t really need to carry? To truly enjoy your life, you need to travel as lightly as you possibly can in order to make better distance (journey in life). Mental baggage will slow you down and prevent you from reaching your goals just the same as a heavy physical load. By baggage, I mean hurt feelings, anger, jealousy, worry, etc. Carrying these things in your heart will do absolutely nothing to change your situation even if you were put in the situation by unfair treatment.  Worry, will not help you.  Worry won’t change the bad situation which is exactly the thing that you need to do. The time that you spend worrying is time which would be better spent on applying a solution to your problem. The test of a real winner is the way that he or she responds to adversity. How do you respond? Do you allow the situation to overwhelm you and take away your effectiveness, or do you regroup and rebound? Complications and negative emotions only cloud the mind and impair good judgment.    You need to keep your mind free in order to be ready to deal with the problems and issues that you face. Too many mental issues prevent you from focusing on the tasks at hand at the precise time that they need your undivided attention. You can sometimes afford to step back when things are going well but the time immediately following a catastrophe is the time that you need to be at your best.  Why deny yourself of clear thinking by holding on to something you cannot fix or change?  Why do we sometimes live inside our mental reality and very little in the reality of the present moment?  Because we cannot let go of the past or the moments that hurt us. In order to move forward and open our lives to the possibility of new beginnings, we need to detach from the past and stop allowing it to influence your experience of the present moment. The mental baggage offers nothing of value, but only takes you away from experiencing the beautiful being that you are.

Your life is a gift from God.  This journey of life that we have been given does not need to be stressful or full of worry.  We should embrace each day with a positive and focused mind and a readiness to make a difference for the better.

Do your best to start eliminating the baggage that is weighing the beauty of you down.  Lighten your load and enjoy your life.  The world awaits the BEST of YOU.

Embracing 2013


















Just a few days left in 2012.  I hope this year has been one of growth in faith, love and knowledge for you.  Did you break out of your comfort zone and find a new branch of creativity?  Did you endure a commitment of betterment?  If not, 2013 may be your year.  Many choose the New Year as the time to turn over a new leaf. Smokers pledge to kick the foul habit. Some decide to change to a new and improved lifestyle. Habitual spendthrifts decide to mend their ways. And most of us, who eat unhealthy food, make it a point to eat healthier. The New Year symbolizes the birth of hope, and the renewal of life.   While it is quite worthy to improve your life in ways that are positive, consider making changes in how you interact with others, especially the younger generation.  Your positive impression will help to shape the future.  Children yearn to learn from us.


If children live with….


Criticism, they learn to condemn.

Hostility, they learn to fight.

Ridicule, they learn to be shy.

Shame, they learn to feel guilty.

Tolerance, they learn to be patient.

Encouragement, they learn confidence.

Praise, they learn to appreciate.

Fairness, they learn justice.

Security, they learn to have faith.

Approval, they learn to like themselves.

Acceptance and Friendship, they learn to find LOVE in the world.


Let 2013 be the year of making a difference in the heart of our future….


God Bless you Always.

Then one day.. it just happened

So I think I’ve tested God enough times and I know that he is there for me.  I think I have learned enough in the past few years that it’s time.  It’s just time to believe that I am meant to do what I feel I am meant to do.

Could I be a better case of taking my own advice?  Well now I am.  I’m giving myself the gift that I have been sharing with so many others on this journey back to me.  ”Listen to your heart!” “Follow Your Dreams!”  ”Be Yourself!”  Okay.  Thank you Shannon, I am. Ha

A lot of you may have noticed a lot of online activity recently related to fashion and my clothing line! Exciting isn’t it!! I’ve been fortunate to have really amazing interactions around my fashion and art that has given me the experience of feeling PURPOSE.  When I purchased my sewing machine in 2006, I became interested in garment design and production and have involved myself in the industry ever since that time.  Learning more and more as time passed.  I have also been growing as an artist and a woman.  When I first began I LOVED LOVED LOVED the connection between using my hands to create the beautiful things I could visualize in my mind.  Anyone who can relate.. You know how amazing of a feeling that is, it makes me believe in miracles.

I have been given the opportunity to begin again, If you ever get this opportunity I suggest you embrace it– because not everyone gets this chance to be renewed.

hoodie, custom, fashion, shannon buckley


So perhaps you have seen what I’ve been doing recently and wondered to yourself “Hmm what is Shannon up to now?”  Well- let me take a few minutes to share.  I’ll make a bullet list to keep it laser.  Hmmm Laser.

- Planning a fashion and art show with book signing and music in Downtown Colorado Springs late February, Early March
- Designing a new collection for the show and creating  online order forms for customers to place orders
- Custom garment projects for clients along the way.
- Purchasing more equipment to include more embellishment options!
- Giving myself another chance.
- Uploading tons of images to Pinterest of my artwork and my fashion to share with the world my talents!
- Updating this site to be clear on the garment production services I am offering to my clients!


I’ll be real with you- I’ve been afraid to give this passion another chance until about a month ago.  I used to have so many excuses and run into challenges that I couldn’t get past and it was very frustrating.  I’ve had to take some time to get over that.. and when I wrote my book I hung up a story that had gotten in my way so many times… and it’s on the shelf now :D hahaha (it feels SO good… )  It’s hard to describe just how good it feels to have an open heart :)

I know we wake up in the morning and we do the BEST we can in that moment.  We say, I’m going to give it my all today! and then sometimes things get in the way and we just don’t have the conscious awareness as to why.  I have spent the last 3 years cleaning out cob webs and bringing resolution to the past.. and I can see clearly now what I am to do.  I have an opportunity to make a dream come true and when that happens for you, just believe.  Just keep moving forward and give it everything you have.  It may not be perfect, the way I’m doing it now.. but I’ve held back and I haven’t shared and I’ve kept to myself because of FEAR… and now I’ve stepped into faith and I’m making tremendous strides forward!  Seriously!

So pray with me :)  One day at a time, everything is going to be just fine.  And your garment design projects, call up my request line :)


Thank you xxoo


Hand-painted Christmas gift By Shannon Buckley

Getting everything organized and ready to coat the canvas with Gesso

My most recent art project!! Continue reading Hand-painted Christmas gift By Shannon Buckley

The Best Action Sports Hoodies in the World!

Coming soon.

Please continue to check back so you can build your very own action sports hoodie! They are like no other!

Best Action Sports Hoodie

Best Action Sports Hoodie


Thank you :)  Please look around my site for lots of fantastic content!


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